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Website Design

After examining what your goals and target audience are, I create a custom made website that is easy to use, easy to update and mobile friendly.

Responsive Design

In 2016, where web visitors can view your site using an array of devices, from laptops to mobile phones, responsive design is more important than ever for your website design.


SEO is critical in order to get your site in front of potential clients. You need a website developer that understands how to make sure you are optimised for Google.


Monthly WordPress care plans, with regular backups and updates to all plugins, as well as content writing, analytics management and other web services.

Most of my work is done with small to medium sized businesses primarily located in Edinburgh, Midlothian, and surrounding areas. However, working online has also allowed me to easily work with many clients nationwide without being in their immediate location. Whether you are looking for an Edinburgh based web designer or you are located elsewhere in the UK, I’d love to discuss your project with you.

Why Hire Me?


Modern, creative and functional web design

Modern websites not only need to look the part but also need to function in a way that doesn’t confuse, but makes sense to your visitor. I create websites that are modern in design, mobile friendly and easy to navigate in a logical way.


Skills to deliver the design and functionality you need

Whether you need a simple brochure site, a membership site or a complex e commerce solution, I have the skills and experience to deliver in all aspects of website development.


Lower overheads

Unlike larger agencies with expensive office space and staff to pay for, you’re only paying for my skills and time. Premium quality without the design agency price tag.


Built with Google in mind

It’s crucial that your website is designed with SEO in mind from the beginning. Poor site structure will make it very difficult for your site to be found in the search engines. I make sure all of my websites tick all of the boxes for the major search engines list of ever growing requirements.


Personal, friendly service

No project manager or secretary, deal directly with me, the person building your website. I’m available at the end of the phone or email to discuss any aspect of your project without you being told “someone will call you back”.

Website Design

It goes without saying that I love what I do — working with people to build creative and functional websites for them. A website with great copy, that is search engine optimised, mobile-friendly and creative.

With mobile and responsive website design being a must, and online marketing booming, it’s more important now, than ever, to have a website that is up-to-date and outshines your competition.

I’m a freelance website designer but I don’t take every client, I want to be sure that each project I accept is one that I can give 100% to, so that the finished product will exceed your expectations . Contact eezyweb Web Design Edinburgh to find out how I can help.

Website Design and Development Pricing

Basic informational, brochure style websites with a responsive design and blogging capabilities, I have packages that start at around £500.

For more complex web development and additional functionality, the average client spend can be between £800 and £5,000, some have spent more and some have spent less. The complexity and features of a site (i.e. shopping cart, scheduling features, calendars, membership sites, etc.) will dictate final pricing.

However, every project is unique and I’m happy to discuss solutions to meet most budgets. If you are ready to get started with some pricing details, visit the Website Design Discovery Form page and let’s get started!

There is no obligation on your part. Just a way for me to get some details about your project, and get a more accurate quote to you on what I think it would take to make your vision a reality.

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Detailed Design Process

To find out more about the work that goes into the creating of an effective website for clients, read about the website development process here .

Web design and development is a complex task, that needs a methodical and planned approach. The development process involves strategic planning and implementation to create a website that is perfect for your company and will serve you well for many years to come.

FAQ’s and other need-to-knows


Limits on you. Yes, you.

I require a LOT of trust.

There may be times when I try to talk my clients out of using a certain font or even a feature, or just something they really want. Should this happen I promise you I will give specific reasons why, and while you might not agree I truly hope you will trust my professional opinion. I always strive to make every client happy, but sometimes you, the client, can be your own worst enemy when it comes to design decisions.

If any of the following describes you I might not be the right designer for you:

  • You’ve dabbled in web design so you know a bit about the process and “how it works”. There’s only room for one cook in this kitchen 😉
  • You’ve put it off and now you need your site done as quickly as possible, like yesterday. Quality takes time, a rush job will not yield the best results.
  • You’re not sure if you see the value in having a website for your business. I’d be too concerned that you wouldn’t respect my time and effort, so let’s just not go down that road together.
  • You saw several sites you absolutely love so you have a long list of things your site must have, but you have to stick to your small budget. I understand having a tight budget, especially in the beginning of a business, but the more you want the more I have to charge, as it’s not fair to me to give you x amount of features for a disproportionately low price.
  • You’d like a low price on the first project because you promise you’ll be giving me more work. Ummm nope, not falling for that one.
  • You want a cheap site. I charge what I think is fair for my skills, my talent, my experience. If you’re looking for a £200 site I’m not your man.
  • You want a designer who has a “the customer is always right” mentality. Sorry, not me. If I’m hired for my expertise I’ll expect to be allowed to do my job, even if it means saying no to bad suggestions you may have.

None of the above is meant to be rude in any way at all, but after doing this a while I know what clients I work best with and who would enjoy working with me. I would absolutely NOT be offended if you would like a referral for another designer if I don’t seem like the right fit. What’s most important is that you find the right designer for you, and I have lots of web designer friends whose work I trust, just contact me and let me know.

Can you update your own site?

Yes and no.

You won’t have access to update the homepage and possibly some inner pages, but I go over which exact ones with each client and why (basically because you may hurt your own business unintentionally).

I will show you how to do minor things, like basics of blogging, but even better than me teaching you is taking advantage of an great service called The Client Class, which goes through the ins-and-outs of how to do certain edits to your site. It’s very affordable, easy to understand, and you can cancel anytime.

It’s important to know if you intend on maintaining everything on your site yourself you’ll need to put in the time to learn how. Or you can just pay me to do it and stick to doing what you love best.

Are photos and content writing provided?

Copy writing and the supply of licenced stock photographs are extra costs and this is something that would be discussed with you. There are clients that wish to write the content themselves, provide their own high quality photographs or even hire a professional photographer.

Through my experience the easiest way to create content is to let my professional copy writer do it for you. Prices for an average 5 to 7 page site would be around £250 for copy writing and £50 for stock photos.

What's the website design process?

The general way it works:

1. You send me links to sites you like the design layout and general look of. They don’t have to be sites in your specific industry, they can be any kind of site. If you’re nearby and you’d like to meet to discuss, I’m happy to do this.

2. You tell me as much as you can about your target audience or customer. Design and visual aesthetic appeal is important, but how your site flows and functions in the best possible way for your visitors is equally important.

3. Based on the example links, info about who you’re marketing to, and our initial conversation, I come up with ideas and an initial layout for you to look at.

4. You give me your feedback, let me know if I’ve hit the nail on the head, where we need to tweak, and we go from there. 

I try to consider all avenues to make sure we get the most out of your site so it can be the most visually interesting experience for your visitor.

How long will it take?

Complexity and size of project will dictate how long it will take to complete. It can vary from a couple of weeks to months. Time expectations and deadlines will be discussed prior to starting.

What are my payment schedule terms?

50% deposit of total cost is required prior starting work on a project.

25% upon first approval or 30 days from start, whichever is soonest.

25% upon final approval, prior to site being made live on your own account.

Do I offer hosting and/or maintenance?

Yes, and yes.


A hosting plan is dependent upon the size of your site and includes custom email addresses. It DOES NOT include content changes or site maintenance. You can find out more about my hosting packages here.


Maintenance plans include updates to everything under the bonnet — WordPress Core, Plugins, and Theme (updates are CRUCIAL for security and performance of your site) and regularly scheduled backups of your site, as well as any existing content changes you need throughout the year. Some examples would be text and photo updates, product price changes, an addition of a new service or product, etc. It DOES NOT include a hosting plan. Content changes that require new setup or are what I consider to be outside of the original scope of work will be quoted an additional fee. Information about my maintenance plans here.

Hosting + Maintenance:

If purchased together there is a lower combined fee, and it makes it a lot easier to maintain security and performance of your site overall. Read more about my hosting and maintenance combo here.

Do I offer SEO?


All sites come with basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) setup on all pages and is the foundation upon which your SEO campaign can be built upon. On site SEO is only about 30% of the big picture, the part that really kicks your site into gear is off site SEO – the techniques that are implemented away from your site. More info on my SEO services can be read here.

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