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Google Now Marking HTTP Websites as "Not Secure"

Rolled out in October  2017, version 62 of Google Chrome, the web’s most widely used internet browser is now labelling any website on http i.e. without an SSL Certificate as “Not Secure” once a user starts to input any data into a webpage such as a contact form, login area, booking form or any other area of a website that allows data to be input. 

The solution to this is to migrate your website to https, along with adding an SSL Certificate. Once your website is migrated to https and an SSL Certificate is installed Chrome, along with other browsers will display the green secure lock icon on all pages of your website.

How it will look when a user starts to type into a page of a site on http.

Not Sure This Affects You?

If you don’t see the Green Secure Lock in Google Chrome’s URL bar, and you have any areas on your website that a user can enter text such as a contact page etc. then it affects you.

To check yourself, simply check you’re using the newest version of Chrome (Version 62), by opening the Chrome menu (3 dots top right of browser window), then Help>About Chrome. Then go to any page on your website that allows text input and start to type into the fields and watch what happens in your browser’s URL bar.

How Much Will It Cost?

Due to the vast scale of website owners that this affects, I have added this as a service to allow you to be able to comply with these new requirements without the headaches of trying to implement them yourself.

The cost to implement this on your website is £97 and then £49 every 12 months to renew the SSL Certificate. 

To be able to complete this work I will require:

  • Username and password for your domain registrar account
  • Username and password for an admin account for WordPress dashboard
  • Username and password to hosting or to cPanel

Please note at this time I am only taking on customers whose websites are built with WordPress.

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Have Any Questions?

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