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With around 80% of all clicks on a search engine results page going to organic listings (non ads), having your website rank highly in search engines is key to a website’s success.

SEO is not just about including your keywords in a few places on your web page and having it magically appear on the first page of Google. Google’s sophisticated algorithm is looking for what it sees as the most relevant, authoritative and trusted result to show to the searcher and because of this, there are a lot more boxes a website must tick than just keywords on a page in order to be rewarded with a high position within their search results.

Achieving successful results with SEO requires time, patience, and cutting-edge knowledge and expertise in 2017 and beyond. Gone are the days of five years ago where the site with the most backlinks wins. In fact, that type of outdated SEO will actually hurt your site more than help.

SEO is a huge subject and covers a lot of aspects including what is done to optimise the website (On Site SEO) and to a larger degree what is done away from the site to influence the search engines (Off Site SEO) once the On Site stuff is taken care of. Some common aspects of SEO include:


  • Optimisation of an existing website to increase current search engine rankings
  • Keyword research and optimisation of existing pages to improve rankings
  • Link building campaigns for an optimised website
  • You Tube video promotion
  • Citation Creation
  • Social Media campaigns
  • Press releases and blog post outreach
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Local SEO to increase visibility in local searches
  • Google Maps optimisation
  • Plus much more

Outrank Your Competition in Google with my Local SEO Services Customised to Your Business Needs

I Can Help People Find Your Business on the First Page of Google with my Local SEO Services

If your business is not ranked at the top of search engines like Google and Bing, then your competition is way ahead of you and are taking customers away from you that you are not even getting a shot at. Customers see the top results as the leaders and most trusted because “Google says so”.

Choosing a company to do your SEO can be a minefield and always keep in mind that somebody who is capable of doubling, tripling or even changing your business beyond recognition is unlikely to be charging £50 per week. In my experience, these are the people who will take your money and deliver very little in the way of results.

We always adhere to Google’s guidelines and best practices in addition to having my own proprietary methods which will guarantee results.

Search engine optimisation is very time consuming and takes time to see results, that’s why a time commitment is required local SEO services. As a client, you must understand this and have clear expectations of what will happen and when. A minimum commitment of 6 months is required in order to see positive results and in some more competitive industries, a minimum of 12 months is required.

SEO Package Costs

With SEO, each project is unique and therefore I cannot provide a blanket price as there are many factors which affect each particular project such as competitiveness of the industry, current rankings, previous poor SEO, Google penalties to name a few. As a guide price see below example of what it would take to rank on page one of Google a local business website in a medium competition industry within a city the size of Edinburgh.

Example SEO Cost

  • Keyword Research
  • Website copy optimisation
  • URL optimisation
  • Site structure
  • Meta data optimisation
  • Image optimisation
  • Link building campaigns


One Off Set Up Fee: £400
Time Required: 4 to 8 hours per week
Monthly Fee: £960 per month
Minimum Time Commitment: 6 to 12 months

In addition, there may be times when I recommend joining of paid industry organisations or Chambers of Commerce etc. to assist with SEO. The cost of these is not included in my final costing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much extra business can SEO bring me?

Before I start an SEO campaign I will discuss with you search volume and what share of that volume you can realistically expect to engage your business. Being listed at the top of Google will bring you lot’s of extra business but this varies greatly in each industry and depends on many factors such as search volume, the systems that you have set up within your business to handle incoming enquires and your ability to close a sale. 

How long until I am on page 1?

Usually, within 6 to 8 months your website will be on page 1 of Google, although in some very competitive industries it can take longer. This will fully be discussed with you prior to me starting your SEO campaign.

Why a monthly fee? I know somebody who had SEO free with their website.

There are two parts to SEO. The ON PAGE SEO which is the optimisation of the site to allow Google to index the website for a specific search term. This is what some web designers will include with a website build. This is a good starting point but generally is going achieve a page 3 to 5 ranking at best without any ongoing OFF SITE SEO.

OFF SITE SEO accounts for around 70% to 80% of the factors in getting high search engine rankings. This takes consistent weekly effort over a sustained period of time and therefore there is a monthly fee involved for the time and effort.

Can you lower your price?

Absolutely not. SEO is very consuming and requires a lot of in-depth knowledge and skill. Most campaigns require around 4 to 8 hours per week on a consistent 6 to 12 month basis to become successful. I charge a fair price for my time, skills and the change in your business that I will make.

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